Easy At Home Nail Art 5 – Got My Eyes on You

Few days back I gave away my long nails to cover some nail art for short nail. The people who know me,can vouch about the big sacrifice I made. For a nail obsessed as I am, this was like chopping off my finger but I wanted to be just to people with short nails.

I am not used to doing nail art on a short nail so its challenge for me. Now, I have this picture in mind that nail art on long nails are usually more on the stylish side while short nails are more on the cute side. So I tried to cash on the ‘cute side’ here by doing an easy and quick nail art.


Items Needed:

  • Base Coat
  • Top Coat
  • Black Nail Paint
  • While Nail paint /Acrylic paint (Read about using acrylic paints here)
  • Toothpick/Dotting tool

How to get those “eyes” on You:

  1. Cut, file and wash your hands. Apply a base coat and allow it to dry.
  1. Polish the nails black now. Since this is a dark color any flaws will be more visible, so be careful.
  1. Keep your toothpick and white nail paint/acrylic paint handy. Let the black nail paint dry completely.
  1. With the flat end of the tooth pick the white color and make a white dot at any random place of your nail.
  1. Add another dot near (horizontally) the first dot. These will be the eyes so position them accordingly.
  1. Repeat this for all your nails and allow them to dry.
  1. Now, pick up the black color with the pointed end of toothpick and place it carefully on the white dot. These black dots depict the eye balls. So plan the placement that way. You can be absolutely be creative here. It can be a squint eye, glaring eye, rolling eye and what not. It depends on your mood and creativity. The fun part is that there are no rules.


  1. After your ‘eye balls’ dry up, cover them with a top coat so that they stay awake 🙂

Real Easy and Fun….Isn’t it? Let me know your views and it. Do not forget to share your nail art with me.


Additional Info

  • If you put the black dot anywhere in the half of the circle towards you, the eyes will be looking towards you.
  • If you place the black dot (eye ball) to the half of the circle away from you, the eyes will be glaring at someone else. So take a pick. Can’t decide? You can keep them assortedJ. Didn’t I say, there are no rules 😀


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