Aroma Magic Cuticle Softener Review

A couple of month back, while strolling through the Beauty Centre, Ghatkoper outlet  I came across the Aroma Magic counter where this small tube with violet flower caught my attention. I bumped into it exactly at a time I was looking for some cuticle and nail nourishment 🙂 . Within the blink of an eye I grabbed this and headed towards the payment counter where I got 20% off on it. It made the deal even sweeter. 😀

Aroma Magic Cuticle Softener 1

Aroma Magic Cuticle Softener

Usage Instruction: Massage onto cuticles & nails at night & before doing manicure.

Product Claims: Aroma Magic Cuticle Softener helps to keep nails & cuticles in proper shape. Excellent remedy for brittle & ribbed nails.

What it contains: Extracts of Lemon, Clove, Garlic & Jojoba oil and pure essential oils of Carrotseed, Clove and Lemon

Price: Rs 100

Quantity: 20gm

Aroma Magic Cuticle Softener 2

My Experience with Aroma Magic Cuticle Softener

I have been using this for 3 months now. I use it at least once a week especially after every change of paint. Yes, the usage instruction says to use it every night but I have not been practicing this so religiously ;-). But the results are still amazing for me. The consistency is of a slightly thick white cream. A little dot is enough for each nail. The fragrance isn’t a very expected one because it predominantly smells of a clove which is good for me. It doesn’t have any of the typical floral sweet smell. Frankly, I do not care for the smell as long as the product does its job well.

And yes, this one passes out in flying colors. 😛 I massage tiny drops of this on my nails (when they are bare) paying special attention to the cuticles. I wish I could show you the before and after photograph of my cuticles (on removing nail paint and after applying the cream).  The nail and the cuticle tends to dry out after I remove the nail paint (I guess the same is true for everyone). And it is important to bring them back to normal. This cream does good job here. My nails and esp. cuticles feel nourished after I apply this. Even if you have nail paints on your nails you could always use this on cuticle whenever you want to.

It doesn’t bring a major change to your nails except some healthy shine. It can be very well used while doing manicure to massage on nail bed and push up the cuticles with a cuticle pusher or an orange stick.


  • Softens your cuticles within a short span of usage
  • Moisturizes my nails
  • Non greasy
  • Imparts instant healthy glow to nails
  • Free from harmful chemicals
  • Affordable
  • Goes a long way since very little is required
  • Quick absorption
  • Neat and hygienic packaging


  • Doesn’t help splitting of nails or brittleness

Will I re-purchase again?

Yes. Till I come across something better.

Would I recommend it to others?

Yes. Consider it to be a cuticle softener and nail nourishment only. Not a perfect solution for brittle nails.

Overall Rating: 4/5

Availability: Available at cosmetics store or online stores.

Have you tried Aroma Magic Cuticle Softener?


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